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Senior Care Authority - What Our Families Are Saying

Marcy is one of the best placement agents in Northern California. I have trusted her and her company for many years. She is compassionate and honest. Thank you for your many wonderful years of service!

– Paul B, RN

The best part about working with Marcy is that she was a one-stop shop for me. We needed an attorney, a fiduciary, and a caregiver. If I had to find all of those on my own it would have taken me months. Everyone she recommended was professional, kind, and fair. I always knew Marcy had my back and I found a lot of comfort in that. When my two brothers decided to team up and dispute my decisions, she was able to help all of us stay calm and find a solution. Not everyone got what they wanted but at least my father was tended to and we stopped bickering.

– Barbara R, Sonoma

During the difficult years of my mother's Alzheimer's Disease, Marcy was my lifesaving support. Sometimes I needed medical information. Sometimes I needed to understand my mom's options and what would serve her best. Sometimes I needed a warm and wise heart to help me get through it. Marcy provided all of these with professional expertise and endless kindness. 

– Lori S

Thanks so much for the talk today. You are very brave and generous to take on our sibling discussion. I am relieved it went as well as it did and that is partly your ability to make us each feel heard.

KH, Petaluma

I felt like Marcy heard everything I said and sometimes I thought she also heard what I was thinking. She was by my side during the difficult family situation and my father’s need for care. We had the best outcome possible, given the circumstances.

DT, San Rafael, CA

Working with Marcy to find care for my mother, who had early onset Alzheimer’s was a comfort and support. I appreciated that she visited my mother several times after she moved to the Memory Care home. I recommend her highly!

Karen R, Rohnert Park

I needed an advocate to sort through multiple doctors and disconnected records. I was too upset by my husband’s illness to handle it myself. Senior Care Authority worked with me to make sure that information was complete and understandable. Their attention to detail was the best I could hope for.

Helaine G, Sonoma

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What Our Clients Are Saying